Reasons More SG Girls Becoming Escorts? (Other Than Money)

It is often said that men go for looks and beauty, while women go for money and success. With that said money is often not the only factor that girls in Singapore become escorts. After all, there are lots of other jobs or opportunities that can present the girls with relatively high income too. Here are some of the reasons other than money that lures Singaporean girls into the social escort industry.

1. First of all, you just need to be on call and be ready at all times for an appointment, however, you need not quit your school or internship or day job just yet. You can simply work together, as long as you can arrange your schedule accordingly to go for appointments on an urgent last minute call basis. Just imagine that you are like a doctor being on call, and need to react immediately. At other times, you can work or study or do whatever you want. This option of choice makes being a social escort a very alluring part time option for Singaporean girls looking for extra income.

2. Second of all, there are no courses or degrees you need to know the technical know hows to be an escort in Singapore. However, it is recommended that you are well educated and well read on top of being attractive so that you can converse with the clients. Because if you wish to work at a high end agency such as SG VIP Escorts that charges higher prices to clients, not only do you need to have a good service attitude, you need to be eloquent and intelligent. Nonetheless, if you do not have a degree, but are eloquent and all, you can still perform well as long as you have a good service attitude and look great. Therefore, the educational requirement that some escort agencies require is often a soft requirement, and not a hard requirement.

3. Third of all, it is a job that only half the population can take on. Imagine whatever job you had ever wanted. Imagine that the people vying for the same position you want is now slashed by half or more. How much easier would it be for you to achieve it? For most other high paying side jobs, it usually faces extremely tough competition. While independent escort industry has extremely fierce competition, it is much easier for you to make money by joining a legal, registered agency. And because you only need to compete against other females for the job, it is significantly easier.

How To Get A Girlfriend In Singapore (Fast And Easily)

Do you find it really hard to get a girlfriend in Singapore? If you want the best tricks in the industry to get a Singaporean girlfriend fast and easily, then read this post now.

If you are like most men in Singapore, you may find that approaching a beautiful girl on the street as one of the hardest things. In fact some men are so inexperienced with dating that they find even approaching an average looking girl daunting! If that is you, you definitely need to read and bookmark this article.

There are many different ways you can go about getting a girlfriend in Singapore, however, these are some of the simplest methods.

First of all, let us look at the underlying reason why you cannot seem to get yourself a girl. Chances are, you are better than you think you are, however the issue is, you think you are not. A second common reason for failure is that you think that every girl you approach and try to date seriously is the last girl on planet Earth. You think that by taking every date seriously, you will get the girl, however, that same reason is the exact reason which is sabotaging your dating success. It is similar to how poor people in Singapore buy 4D and Toto, thinking it will make them rich when it is that exact mindset that will forever keep them poor and broke with no chance of breaking out until they change their mindset. It feels weird, but you need to have an abundance mindset. But for now, let us talk about how to increase your self confidence.

1. Increasing your self confidence when it comes to dating girls

The only way to increase self confidence when it comes to dating is for you to actually believe that many hot and pretty girls out there in Singapore will love you. Before that happens, you need to do whatever it takes to make your mind believe that hot and pretty girls find you attractive. One of the most controversial methods I teach is to engage a social escort with the girlfriend experience. That is right. You want to pay for a girlfriend experience, to make your subconscious mind believe that a hot and beautiful girl can fall in love with you. Once you trick your subconscious enough times, your subconscious programming will change, and you will become more confident even if you try not to be. This is working on your subconscious.

The second way to increase self confidence is to actually learn some sales skills! That is right, even if you are not in sales for your day job or business, you need to learn some heavy persuasion skills. The more persuasive you are, the more you can convince a girl to be yours easily. And when you can do this easily, your passive confidence shoots up!

2. Develop an abundance mindset

This cannot be done by sitting at home an meditating or praying about it. A great trick to help you achieve this abundance mindset is by simply taking more actions. Most men approach 1 or 2 girls and perhaps both reject him. He then thinks he has a 100% fail rate, loses confidence, and then is very afraid of messing up the conversation or interaction with the next girl. The reason for that is simply because he is talking to too few girls! Imagine if his success rate was 80% in reality. He could have gone out and immediately gone out on dates with the next 8 consecutive girls!

One of the biggest ways to overcome this mental block is to simply take massive amounts of actions. If you used to approach 2 or 3 new girls a week, approach 20 to 30 girls a week now. Multiply your actions by 10 times. You are bound to hit jackpot sooner or later. If that still does not work, then work on number 1 above, and approach 200 to 300 girls a week. You will be having so many girls in Singapore clamouring to become your girlfriend soon you cannot even handle it!

So there you go! A few fast and easy steps to help you get a girlfriend in Singapore. If you succeed using the methods mentioned above, make sure to send a message my way!

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Why Do Some Men Date Social Escorts In Singapore?

If you are wondering why some Singaporean men are dating social escorts in Singapore, read this article to find out!

Who are these men who look for social escorts in Singapore?

Most men who date social escorts or look for escorts in Singapore are basically high income men who want the companionship of a pretty lady. If you too want the services of a local social escort agency in Singapore, then click here. Some of these men are local businessmen, while others are foreign expats or business tourists to Singapore.

These are often higher income and high net worth individuals who are very successful people. So for those of you reading this article now and thinking that social escort clients are lowly, unsuccessful kopitiam uncles, you are severely mistaken.

In fact, many of these men have great dating credentials, but there may be various reasons as to why they do not wish to date ‘normally’.

One of the biggest reasons is that they want to meet a gorgeous Singaporean girl without the usual dating hassles or commitment. Some foreigners want a companion in Singapore, but they do not know anyone, so they look for an escort. I explain more below about why these men who look for escorts do not want dating hassles, so read on.

These men very often do not have the time and effort to date ‘normally’

In a ‘usual’ dating scenario, you will probably need to meet a girl either at a social gathering or through mobile dating applications. You will then need to impress her and after a few times, she may finally be interested in you and want to take things further and be your girlfriend.

As you can tell from the above, it takes a lot of effort and time to get a girl in Singapore. This is especially because the girls have lots of choices due to Singapore having an extremely high population density.

However, many high income men are highly focused on their careers. So they cannot afford the time to go through those dating hassles just to get a girl. Additionally, many of them are in their late 20s to their young 40s. Still a very young age for a man. Some of these men also do not want to settle down and be married – if ever. Therefore, they turn to more convenient ways of meeting hot girls such as through sugar dating websites like Seeking Arrangement or social escort agencies such as SG VIP Escorts. These are hot options for such men who find Tinder or Paktor too ineffective or inefficient.

If you do not wish to be distracted from your work, and spend all those hours and days per week to try to get a girlfriend, then perhaps, finding a social escort or a sugar baby is a better option. The main downside with sugar babies is that you will need to negotiate the commitment of the relationship with them. If even that is a hassle for you, then social escorts is your perfect choice.

These men may not be able to find a woman who can understand their commitment and passion for their business or work

If you have watched the movie Pretty Woman, you will remember that Richard Gere was definitely not a sleaze bag and neither was he unattractive. However, he still looked for an escort. He could get any girl in the world, but yet, he opted for a social escort to accompany him.

A common problem that many self made rich men face is that many women do not understand how passionate they are about their work or business. If you are one such man, you will probably want to put so much time and effort into your business because you like the thrill of making deals and simply being successful. You probably see other things such as nitty gritty dating whatnots as a waste of their time. However, try dating a girl in Singapore ‘normally’ and you will soon realize that 99% of the Singaporean girls will not empathize with you if you do that. They will start blaming you for being negligent and not putting any effort into them. They will then leave you, wasting your previous efforts and time.

An escort will not blame you for that. They want nothing to do with you after the date is up. They will not nag you, blame you, scold you. And if you want to meet the same escort again, you can simply contact the same social escort agency and a good female escort will treat you as though she was always your girlfriend all along. They are basically professional girlfriends.

Some men may be successful financially, but awkward socially when it comes to women

You may be one such person, or perhaps you know such people. Either way, there are many men who are suave and confident when it comes to making business deals, but are awkward socially when it comes to interacting with women. Some of these men then turn to social escorts in Singapore as their dating option instead then.

Some men do not want to be married and have no plans of having kids or a future family

There are increasingly many men who do not wish to get married and have kids in the future. In such an instance, these men then look for no commitment dating options such as sugar babies, and social escorts in particular. Both of them are no strings attached, no future commitment dating options available in Singapore.

Since there is no intention to ever get married with any one anyway, it is morally evil to get together with a girl and eventually going to break up with her. So why not do it the guilt free and painless way by interacting with an escort instead? They are no strings attached.

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Social Escort, Sugar Dating, Tinder – What’s The Difference?

For those who have tried mobile dating applications or websites in Singapore, you will probably quickly realize how hard it is to even get one decent looking girl to swipe right to you. Those who swipe right to you are probably 50kg overweight, have zero dress sense or are just gross. On the other hand, the beautiful models seem to elude you.

Have you ever felt like that before? If so, worry NOT. This is NORMAL for all men in Singapore or any other part of the world. This is simply due to the way these applications function.

For those who are not experienced, you may think that all dating websites or platforms or applications are the same. However, if you had tried using them at least once or twice before, you will realize that they are worlds apart.

For the uninitiated, here is the biggest difference between them – the power distribution. In Tinder and similar applications, the men have very little choice and power, while the women have a lot. Dating applications such as Tinder and Okcupid is basically just an ego boosting platform for women. Don’t believe me? Try putting up a fake account on such a site with an ‘average’ looking woman. See your inbox get flooded instantly! But as a man, even if your profile is quite solid, you will get few replies.

On the other hand, sugar dating websites and escort websites, it is usually the other way around.

Let me elaborate more for you to understand.

Tinder/Paktor/OkCupid – women’s ego boosting playground, men’s darkest nightmare

Let us first talk about something that most people here are familiar with – Tinder. In Singapore, there are also other popular dating mobile applications such as Paktor and OkCupid. The reason for the power difference in such dating applications is simply because of the very way men and women operate. Men look for beauty in women, while women look for financial security and protection from men. But when you open an app such as Tinder, what happens? You only can put up one main photo, and only a few lines of description. All such dating applications are photo centric at its core and because few women look at a man’s ‘beauty’ upfront, it is only natural that such dating applications are the perfect playground for women, and not men. Women have all the power and choices, while men usually feel like they are picking up any crumbs they can find.

However, even among them three mentioned, they are not made equal. If you want to stand a better chance at getting girls on the applications, even as an average looking man in Singapore, go for OkCupid. It is the only application among the three which places a heavier emphasis on a person’s character and thoughts rather than just photos – as a man, that is where you should excel in because women care about that!

Sugar dating websites – where power is given back to the men

Now let us talk about sugar dating websites. Among the more famous sugar dating websites operating in Singapore are Seeking (formerly known as Seeking Arrangement), and Sugarbook.

Basically, sugar dating websites allows men to dictate terms of the relationship with a beautiful woman, while women are able to potentially enjoy financial benefits by these often successful men on the sites.

So why do men have more power on these sites than the ‘general’ dating sites such as Tinder? This is because of two main reasons.

First of all, there are way more women in Singapore (or any city areas) who want financially successful and stable guys than there are men wanting beautiful women. This ratio skew automatically puts power back into the hands of men.

Second of all, usually the women who join such sugar dating websites want the money from the men much more than the companionship the men want from the women. Therefore, the men usually dictate the terms of the relationship. In a way, such dating applications attract very ‘traditional-thinking’ people. Women who are submissive personality wise and men who are dominant personality wise tend to use such platforms, and this gives a lot of power to the men.

Both websites are pretty good so far, though Seeking had a longer history in Singapore. I recommend that you check out both of them for the best experience.

Social escort services – similar to sugar dating but with no strings attached all the time

Social escort services are actually highly similar to that of sugar dating experiences with one major difference – it is always no strings attached and discreet. That is one of the reasons why men in Singapore date social escorts from agencies such as SG VIP Escort. When it comes to sugar babies, a small number of them are actually on the platform looking for a long term marriage partner – just that he will be rich. Nonetheless, there is still such a percentage. However, if you are looking for a no-fuss short term relationship, then sugar dating may not be ideal. This is because there is always a minimal form of time and effort commitment – most sugar babies want a monthly allowance in exchange for their companionship. However, escorts are a one time thing. You pay them once, you meet them once. End of story, no strings attached. That is the biggest difference.