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Escort Agencies VS Independent Escorts In Singapore

If you are thinking of meeting an escort in Singapore, then you may be considering between that of a local escort agency as well as that of independents or what some locals sometimes call freelance girls. However, there are benefits and disadvantages for each, and the decision that you should make it ultimately yours to make.

Read the following before making any decisions!

About local Singapore social escort agencies

There are only a few trusted and legal social escort agencies left in Singapore, and I will go through the only two of them below.

Pros & cons:

  • Going through an escort agency is always a good idea if you cannot be bothered talking to all the girls you see on independent or FL escort sites. This is because there are lots of spam and non existent listings on independent sites which ads have been auto renewed even though they may not be working as an independent or FL escort anymore. Therefore, you will be wasting lots of time when individually going through these independent listings. This is one of the biggest benefits of going through an escort agency – it saves you precious time.
  • Going through an agency can cost you either at the high end of independent escorts or even more expensive. If you are budget conscious and only have a limited budget, then going for independents can be a good idea though a waste of time. However, escort agencies are truly reserved for the real rich and powerful.
  • It is important to work only with legal and registered escort agencies in Singapore. Not all escort agencies are registered. If they are busted for carrying out illegal activities or not registering their business and hence evading taxes, all their records may be dug out and if you have liaisons with them before, you may be questioned too.
  • A trusted escort agency will be able to recommend you out call girls who are your type. This is something that can only be done via social escort agencies instead of independents or FLs, because a reputable agency will know your preferences.

Recommended local escort agencies:

SG VIP Escorts

One of the most recommended escort agencies in Singapore, you can definitely do no wrong with them. Get one of their out call girls and you should be doing great!

Mona Liza Love

They used to have some mixed escorts around 1 to 2 years ago, however, a recent view of their website seems to show only local Chinese. So, there is a chance that they may have changed ownership, or they moved over to only Chinese Singaporean.


We have not engaged any of their services lately, and have no idea. So please still do your due diligence before you order from either of them!

About Singapore independent female escorts / freelance (sometimes called this)

These are basically freelance or independent social escorts. They do not work under an agency, and usually do all of their marketing, advertising, liaising and others all by themselves. To look for them, you look for them directly.

Pros & cons:

  • They are usually far cheaper than that of agency escorts. However, the quality of their looks etc are usually not as high. If you are willing to sacrifice heavily on looks for price, then it is an option. Otherwise, look elsewhere.
  • Some of them are full time escorts. This means that you may be able to contact one and have one meet you very quickly. However, the downside is that you will need to sift through a lot of inactive accounts as well as scammers.
  • They can be truly hit or miss. Sometimes, you come across a really beautiful girl for real cheap. However, you can be expecting about 18 failures for every 1 success.

Recommended sources:

Risqué Rebecca

One of the more popular local independent escorts, she has been featured on the media multiple times too. She represents herself, and has a website too.

Courtesan Cara

Also a local social escort, Cara seems to have a pretty similar personality to that of Rebecca, with the main difference being more mature, curvier and with shorter hair.

If you are a fan of her looks, then definitely check her out! She is around the same range as Rebecca, so if you are considering either of them, price should not be an issue.


This is a place where lots of independents – both locals and foreigners post their ads on in Singapore to get business for escort service. It is one of the platforms which is most frequently updated.

Word of warning

There are lots of ads on Skokka which are either using fake photographs, and the actual independents or FLs look nothing like their images. There are also lots of ads which were posted in the past and still being auto renewed even though the service providers are no longer doing so. So you may bump into lots of non responsive numbers or escorts using fake images of someone else and passing off as them.

However for those who are poorer and looking for bargains and can’t afford a true escort agency experience or that of local FLs,, Skokka can be a good place for SG escort service.