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How To Get A Girlfriend In Singapore (Fast And Easily)

Do you find it really hard to get a girlfriend in Singapore? If you want the best tricks in the industry to get a Singaporean girlfriend fast and easily, then read this post now.

If you are like most men in Singapore, you may find that approaching a beautiful girl on the street as one of the hardest things. In fact some men are so inexperienced with dating that they find even approaching an average looking girl daunting! If that is you, you definitely need to read and bookmark this article.

There are many different ways you can go about getting a girlfriend in Singapore, however, these are some of the simplest methods.

First of all, let us look at the underlying reason why you cannot seem to get yourself a girl. Chances are, you are better than you think you are, however the issue is, you think you are not. A second common reason for failure is that you think that every girl you approach and try to date seriously is the last girl on planet Earth. You think that by taking every date seriously, you will get the girl, however, that same reason is the exact reason which is sabotaging your dating success. It is similar to how poor people in Singapore buy 4D and Toto, thinking it will make them rich when it is that exact mindset that will forever keep them poor and broke with no chance of breaking out until they change their mindset. It feels weird, but you need to have an abundance mindset. But for now, let us talk about how to increase your self confidence.

1. Increasing your self confidence when it comes to dating girls

The only way to increase self confidence when it comes to dating is for you to actually believe that many hot and pretty girls out there in Singapore will love you. Before that happens, you need to do whatever it takes to make your mind believe that hot and pretty girls find you attractive. One of the most controversial methods I teach is to engage a social escort with the girlfriend experience. That is right. You want to pay for a girlfriend experience, to make your subconscious mind believe that a hot and beautiful girl can fall in love with you. Once you trick your subconscious enough times, your subconscious programming will change, and you will become more confident even if you try not to be. This is working on your subconscious.

The second way to increase self confidence is to actually learn some sales skills! That is right, even if you are not in sales for your day job or business, you need to learn some heavy persuasion skills. The more persuasive you are, the more you can convince a girl to be yours easily. And when you can do this easily, your passive confidence shoots up!

2. Develop an abundance mindset

This cannot be done by sitting at home an meditating or praying about it. A great trick to help you achieve this abundance mindset is by simply taking more actions. Most men approach 1 or 2 girls and perhaps both reject him. He then thinks he has a 100% fail rate, loses confidence, and then is very afraid of messing up the conversation or interaction with the next girl. The reason for that is simply because he is talking to too few girls! Imagine if his success rate was 80% in reality. He could have gone out and immediately gone out on dates with the next 8 consecutive girls!

One of the biggest ways to overcome this mental block is to simply take massive amounts of actions. If you used to approach 2 or 3 new girls a week, approach 20 to 30 girls a week now. Multiply your actions by 10 times. You are bound to hit jackpot sooner or later. If that still does not work, then work on number 1 above, and approach 200 to 300 girls a week. You will be having so many girls in Singapore clamouring to become your girlfriend soon you cannot even handle it!

So there you go! A few fast and easy steps to help you get a girlfriend in Singapore. If you succeed using the methods mentioned above, make sure to send a message my way!