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Why Do Some Men Date Social Escorts In Singapore?

If you are wondering why some Singaporean men are dating social escorts in Singapore, read this article to find out!

Who are these men who look for social escorts in Singapore?

Most men who date social escorts or look for escorts in Singapore are basically high income men who want the companionship of a pretty lady. Some of these men are local businessmen, while others are foreign expats or business tourists to Singapore.

These are often higher income and high net worth individuals who are very successful people. So for those of you reading this article now and thinking that social escort clients are lowly, unsuccessful kopitiam uncles, you are severely mistaken.

In fact, many of these men have great dating credentials, but there may be various reasons as to why they do not wish to date ‘normally’.

One of the biggest reasons is that they want to meet a gorgeous Singaporean girl without the usual dating hassles or commitment. Some foreigners want a companion in Singapore, but they do not know anyone, so they look for an escort. I explain more below about why these men who look for escorts do not want dating hassles, so read on.

These wealthy Singaporean men very often do not have the time and effort to date girls ‘normally’

In a ‘usual’ dating scenario, you will probably need to meet a girl either at a social gathering or through mobile dating applications. You will then need to impress her and after a few times, she may finally be interested in you and want to take things further and be your girlfriend.

As you can tell from the above, it takes a lot of effort and time to get a girl in Singapore. This is especially because the girls have lots of choices due to Singapore having an extremely high population density.

However, many high income men are highly focused on their careers. So they cannot afford the time to go through those dating hassles just to get a girl. Additionally, many of them are in their late 20s to their young 40s. Still a very young age for a man. Some of these men also do not want to settle down and be married – if ever. Therefore, they turn to more convenient ways of meeting hot girls such as through sugar dating websites like Seeking Arrangement or social escort agencies such as SG VIP Escorts. These are hot options for such men who find Tinder or Paktor too ineffective or inefficient.

If you do not wish to be distracted from your work, and spend all those hours and days per week to try to get a girlfriend, then perhaps, finding a social escort or a sugar baby is a better option. The main downside with sugar babies is that you will need to negotiate the commitment of the relationship with them. If even that is a hassle for you, then social escorts is your perfect choice.

These men may not be able to find a woman or girl in Singapore who can understand their commitment and passion for their business or work so they book social escorts

If you have watched the movie Pretty Woman, you will remember that Richard Gere was definitely not a sleaze bag and neither was he unattractive. However, he still looked for an escort. He could get any girl in the world, but yet, he opted for a social escort to accompany him.

A common problem that many self made rich men face is that many women do not understand how passionate they are about their work or business. If you are one such man, you will probably want to put so much time and effort into your business because you like the thrill of making deals and simply being successful. You probably see other things such as nitty gritty dating whatnots as a waste of their time. However, try dating a girl in Singapore ‘normally’ and you will soon realize that 99% of the Singaporean girls will not empathize with you if you do that. These girls will start blaming you for being negligent and not putting any effort into them. They will then leave you, wasting your previous efforts and time. That is why many male, wealthy business executives in Singapore look for an escort instead as explained more here.

The best part about looking for a Singapore escort companion is that the escort will not blame you for not showering her with attention, love and care every second of the day. There is no strings attached as they are there for your service only. They want nothing to do with you after the date is up. They will not nag you, blame you, scold you. And if you want to meet the same escort again, you can simply contact the same Singapore social escort agency and a good female escort will treat you as though she was always your girlfriend all along. How amazing right? They are basically professional girlfriends.

Some men may be successful financially, but awkward socially when it comes to women

You may be one such person, or perhaps you know such people. Either way, there are many men who are suave and confident when it comes to making business deals, but are awkward socially when it comes to interacting with women. Some of these men then turn to social escorts in Singapore as their dating option instead then.

Some men do not want to be married and have no plans of having kids or a future family

There are increasingly many men who do not wish to get married and have kids in the future. In such an instance, these men then look for no commitment dating options such as sugar babies, and social escorts in particular. Both of them are no strings attached, no future commitment dating options available in Singapore.

Since there is no intention to ever get married with any one anyway, it is morally evil to get together with a girl and eventually going to break up with her. So why not do it the guilt free and painless way by interacting with an escort instead? They are no strings attached.