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Reasons More SG Girls Becoming Escorts? (Other Than Money)

It is often said that men go for looks and beauty, while women go for money and success. With that said money is often not the only factor that girls in Singapore become escorts. After all, there are lots of other jobs or opportunities that can present the girls with relatively high income too. Here are some of the reasons other than money that lures Singaporean girls into the social escort industry.

1. First of all, you just need to be on call and be ready at all times for an appointment, however, you need not quit your school or internship or day job just yet. You can simply work together, as long as you can arrange your schedule accordingly to go for appointments on an urgent last minute call basis. Just imagine that you are like a doctor being on call, and need to react immediately. At other times, you can work or study or do whatever you want. This option of choice makes being a social escort a very alluring part time option for Singaporean girls looking for extra income.

2. Second of all, there are no courses or degrees you need to know the technical know hows to be an escort in Singapore. However, it is recommended that you are well educated and well read on top of being attractive so that you can converse with the clients. Because if you wish to work at a high end agency such as SG VIP Escorts that charges higher prices to clients, not only do you need to have a good service attitude, you need to be eloquent and intelligent. Nonetheless, if you do not have a degree, but are eloquent and all, you can still perform well as long as you have a good service attitude and look great. Therefore, the educational requirement that some escort agencies require is often a soft requirement, and not a hard requirement.

3. Third of all, it is a job that only half the population can take on. Imagine whatever job you had ever wanted. Imagine that the people vying for the same position you want is now slashed by half or more. How much easier would it be for you to achieve it? For most other high paying side jobs, it usually faces extremely tough competition. While independent escort industry has extremely fierce competition, it is much easier for you to make money by joining a legal, registered agency. And because you only need to compete against other females for the job, it is significantly easier.